This is a glorious celebration of the animal kingdom!Twenty six animals in one image (lots of my favourites) It's a great challenge to try and find them all as I'm sure they keep moving...In order they are:Aardvark, bear, cat, dog, eel, fox, goat, hedgehog, iguana, jellyfish, kea, lion, mouse, newt, owl, pigeon, quail, raccoon, slug, toad, urchin, vulture, wolf, x-ray, yellowhammer, zebra.It is hand carved from lino from my original design and hand burnished onto Somerset Satin paper. It is from a limited edition of 100 prints and each one is numbered and signed.The image size is 20 cm x 20 cm. The listing is for an unframed lino print and it will arrive backed with card.

‘Aardvarkbearcatdogeelfoxgoathorse’ Limited Add. Lino Print by Melanie Wickham