​AMMONITEA lovely Ammonite fossil, made from recycled drinks cans. This piece shows a cut out of an ammonite, based on a Placentiseras Polyopsis ammonite from France, some of which have distinctive bumps along the outer edge of the shell.It is 30 x 26 x 2 cm, or 12 x 10 x 0.8 inches. It is mounted on black board. The colour is predominantly a flat mid silver, warmed by a brown patina and darkened to enhance details with black paint and as a result of burning the metal. The ammonite is constructed in sections from the aluminium salvaged from several drinks cans. Through a series of procedures that include first etching into the surface, then burning, painting and sanding, a patina is created on the surface. This, in combination with the over-lapping of the aluminium sections, creates a three-dimensional quality. The piece is however, though sculptural in effect, predominantly two-dimensional. It is mounted onto black board with a loop at the back for wall hanging. Great care is taken with packaging, though in keeping with the recycled nature of the materials that make the piece, often recycled or re-purposed materials are used too in the packaging so as to keep any new waste to an absolute minimum. This does not mean that any compromise is made on the safety of the work when in transit.All Seventy Seven Seas items will be sent first class. 

Ammonite in Reclaimed Tin by Seventy Seven Seas