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We offer a classic self-care gift: surround yourself or gift a friend with bath salts and a complementary candle. 

Himalayan rock crystals form the base of our range of bath salts. Rose Geranium blend is made with the more unusual pure white version. 

Heavenly rose geranium essential and aroma oils are generously blended with dried roses and heather flowers for a deeply relaxing bath.

Our travel friendly eco soy candle in a tin is slender enough to put in your pocket but it has great throw. Turn the lights low and burn this while soaking in the mineral rich salts.

High quality rose geranium essential and aroma oils. Beautiful!

500g bath salts in a resealable kraft sachet

35g candle in an aluminium tin

Bath Salts and Candle (Rose) set by Hal of Hove

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