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Alchemy. Natural chemistry.  Bathing rituals. Floral bath.   Colour change flowers.

This offering is a blue floral tea that changes the colour of the bath water naturally to a magical blue and if you add a few drops of lemon juice or similar, changes to a stunning violet. It’s a gentle gift from nature. The longer you leave the flowers to steep, the deeper the hue.

Combined with the restorative effects of lavender, rosemary and cornflowers.

We supply a cotton muslin bag if you don’t like the bits in your bath. 

Reusable until colour fades.

Bath teas can be used alone or in combination with other bath products like salts and bubbles  

INGREDIENTS: lavender, butterfly pea, rosemary, cornflower.

Do not eat.


Bath Tea (Ophelia) by Hal of Hove

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