Just beautifully glazed, large cups. These will hold a generous cup of tea or coffee with room spare to hold at the top where it is less hot.

These cosy and textured cups are from the Corrugated and Cream range of cups and mugs. Cast from take away coffee cup moulds, they are very tactile and cosy to hold. 

The cups are original and perfect for any soft drink, fresh coffee or tea, wine or beer! The cup's style is very contemporary and unisex.

15cm high, holds 350ml - with plenty of room left at the top to hold on to with less heat

Slip cast fine white stoneware cups are left to dry slowly and fired to a high kiln temperature. This ensures that they are dishwasher, microwave and frost proof, although they will keep their shine better if washed by hand. All glazes are lead free. Each cup is signed and completely individual. 

Ceramic Coffee Cup by Helen Rebecca Ceramics