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Embroidery Kit - The Spring Tattooed Lady by Vintage Mad by M​Being an enthusiast seamstress and having loved embroidery as far as I can remember, I have decided to launch my very personal line of embroidery kits.These kits are all designed by myself and will be related to all the things I love in life.This kit is suitable for patient beginners or more advanced embroiderer. You can also gift it to a friend who loves crafty stuffs or make it yourself and offer it finished as a lovely and unique little piece of art.This line of kits is Representing Tattoed Ladies, and this one is the first Pattern, for Spring ( the other seasons are listed too).This pattern uses many lovely stitches and might be done in a few evenings. It is also very pleasant to work on it while travelling and it is light and easy to pack in a handbag!The Embroidery Kit comes with everything you need, except scissors.- an embroidery needle.- black embroidery floss.- pink, orange, yellow, red, green, blue and purple embroidery floss( colors may vary a bit from pictures)-metallic embroidery thread - calico with the pattern printed over it ( you will just have to follow the lines...)- a good quality ( made in the UK) 5 inches ( 12.5 cm) wooden embroidery hoop. This hoop can also be used as a frame, and be painted or just left natural.- strong thread to finish the back of the embroidery with the drawstring method- an instructions sheet with all the informations you will need.The finished embroidery will measure 5 inches in diameter.You can frame it into the hoop and hang it as a decoration, or you can also stitch it over a pillow cover, a jean jacket, or a bag, a notebook cover......Facebook  Twitter

Embroidery Kit - The Spring Tattooed Lady by Vintage Mad by M

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