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Loose incense to be burned on a charcoal disc. It’s a beautiful traditional blend with our own botanical additions.

Holy Wood (Palo Santo,) California white sage and frankincense tears form the base. Used since ancient times for ceremonies and rituals. To that, we’ve added lavender, roses and rosemary. It’s a magical blend.

Use to relax, meditate, cleanse.

Presented in a 50ml mini bottle with cork or loose in a simple paper packet. Due to the variable nature of these items, weights are approximate. There is about 6g content. This amounts to several burns. You only need a little pinch. 

Due to the cost of sending a bottle, rather than the cost of the bottle itself, these items will be priced separately  

Cautions: use like a candle. In other words, never leave unattended. Do not place on or near anything flammable and place on an appropriate charcoal block in a heat-proof container. Do not leave near pets or children. 

Incense in a Bottle by Hal of Hove

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