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A beautiful incense kit presented in glass bottles and a tin.

Natural loose incense. We’ve brought together many of the most wonderful traditional incense ingredients. Great for smudge cleansing, meditation and relaxation:

Holy wood (palo santo),Californian white sage, frankincense tears, lavender flowers, rose petals and rosemary. A small pinch is enough per use. 50ml corked jar.

A matching glass match stick holder containing approximately 100 matches, with the striker on the base.

An aluminium lidded tin containing black grit to help absorb the heat from the charcoal burning disc, also contained. One disc has about 20 minutes burn time and the aroma released lasts for hours.  charcoal discs are readily available online and in specialist shops. If there is future demand, we may start to stock them. For now, we include a sample only.

Room Fragrance Loose Insence by Hal of Hove

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