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Sun & moon celestial necklace 

Sun & Moon necklace. This celestial necklace is made from 2 pendants - a sun pendant and moon pendant that have been linked together. The sun pendant is made from a 1.6cm round brass disc that has been hammered to give it a sunburst effect and set with a beautiful rose cut Sunstone crystal that measures 3mm round. The crescent moon pendant is made from hammered sterling silver and set with a beautiful Rainbow Moonstone crystal that measures 3mm round.

The pendant comes on a 16" gold filled chain.

Sunstone is known as the joyful and abundance stone. It is thought to encourage a warm and positive mindset and be a great talisman for good luck. A good stone for leadership, inspiring talents, creativity and innovative thought. Sunstone has strong solar energy and is a clear stone with beautiful flecks of orange, gold, red colours which sparkle like the sun as it's name suggests.

Rainbow Moonstones are stones of intuition and insight. Thought to be soothing and stress relieving. It is a birthstone for June.
Every piece of jewellery is lovingly handmade, so each and every piece is unique to you.

Your jewellery will be sent beautifully packaged and makes a wonderful gift. If you would like a personal message included in the package please send me a note in the checkout section and I will be more than happy to accommodate.

Sun and Moon Celestial Necklace by Lulu McQueen

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